WOYWW 433 - New Ivy Moonboard

On my desk today...
... my completed New Ivy Moonboard, letters I need to respond to, my prayer beads, more correspondence in front of my wee Celtic pen-box, and a notebook I made years ago, and which I recently found down the back of a cupboard 👏

A closer look at the moonboard...
Left-hand page
A misty Autumn morning (we've had a few of those this week), some earthy fabric patterns, and a beautiful muse, lost in thought... I've added various stickers to this magazine fashion shot.

Right-hand page
The abundance of the season, and some words associated with the ivy moon:

good luck (why ivy is often included in bridal bouquets)
fertility (another reason for the above!)

You can learn more about moonboards here.
Sharing with Julia here.
Now I MUST crack on writing my very overdue letters! I am not the best penpal, I'm afraid 😖